Prevention and Treatment of Macular Degeneration (AMD)

One of the most incapacitating impacts of aging is loss of vision. Gradually the fine print on newspapers start to blur, colors don't appear as distinct, and driving at night becomes more difficult.  This is a natural process called age-related macular degeneration or AMD. The condition may also occur at an earlier age from diseases such as diabetes.
Natural prevention and treatment of AMD involves supplementing the lost vitamins and nutrients to stop the destruction, repair the cells, and return to normal metabolism. If this can be done in time, normal function will return to the macula cells and normal vision will return to the eye.

Replace your current multi-vitamin with the Natural Sight Program and see the results.

The patented formula in the Natural Sight Program is the result of 30+ years of research and clinical trials by Dr. Ely J. Crary, board certified Ophthalmologist.
Results show that most patients can improve their vision and stop the progression of AMD by following the Natural Sight regiment of nutritional supplements.
Dr. Crary was the first to recognize, treat and prevent macular degeneration with predetermined amounts of vitamins and antioxidants.
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Nearly 70% of all macular degeneration patients who followed the Natural Sight program have improved their vision.
Aging patients with blood vessel changes and macular degeneration improved their eye sight. Most who maintained their original vision stated they could see better. Further study showed they could see a sharper contrast and more distinct color.*
Diabetics noticed an improvement and stabilization in their vision after taking Natural Sight. Clinical observations have shown that this nutrient supplement for aging patients and/or diabetic patients is necessary to maintain good health and appears to help reduce the blood vessel complications associated with these eye diseases.