"My macular degeneration has stopped getting worse and my sight has improved since I have been taking NATURAL SIGHT.   I had my eyes reexamined and I was able to read 2 smaller lines on the chart. The Dept. of Motor Vehicles has increased the distance and the areas where I can now drive.  I feel the Improvement in my eyesight is due to your minerals and vitamins."


                               William from La Mesa, Ca



"I had been taking OCUVITE and continued to lose sight due to my macular degeneration.  I started taking NATURAL SIGHT and my eye sight stabilized in 2 months.  It stayed the same until I switched back to OCUVITE and my eyes got worse. I want to get back NATURAL SIGHT."
                                Bernice from Lake Placid, FL

"I was losing sight due to macular degeneration. I began taking NATURAL SIGHT in February 1994. My eyes stabilized and have remained the same ever since."


                               Margaret from Frostproof, Fl



"I was diagnosed as having Age Related Macular Degeneration at the Bascum Palmer Eye Institute in Miami Fl.  I began to take NATURAL SIGHT in 1988 and my vision improved to 20/20.  It has remained 20/20.  My last flight physical exam was in February 1996 and I passed it. My eye exam is 20/20 in both eyes.   "I had my six months eye checkup at the Retina Institute in St. Pete, and the Doctor told me "I don't know what you are doing , but keep doing it. Your eyes are great."


                               Roy, a pilot from Lake Placid, Fl



"I have noticed a stabilization in my vision, since I have been taking NATURAL SIGHT."

                               Edward from LaPorte, In



"Since I have been taking NATURAL SIGHT my ophthalmologist has examined me and reported I have not changed in 2 years.


                               Virgina from Schenectady, NY

"I began taking NATURAL SIGHT in February 1996 for my macular degeneration.  By September my eye sight had improved for reading and driving."


                               Reverend Charles in Southport, NC



"Since taking NATURAL SIGHT my eyesight has improved."


                               Janet from Marietta, Ga



"My eye sight stabilized and even improved after I started taking Natural Sight."


                                Mary from Modesto, Ca